Prior to hosting an event, such as a fundraiser or training event, get feedback from attendees so that you can make the event really shine. With this expert-certified event planning survey template, you’ll learn who is planning to be present and what they would like to get from attending the event. That way, your event will meet the needs of every attendee.



1.       How do you hear about this event

·         Email

·         Website

·         Google search

·         Google ad

·         Friend

2. How easy was the registration process for this event?

·         Extremely easy

·         Quite easy

·         Moderately east

·         Slightly easy

·         Not at all easy

1.       Will you be attending this event?

·         Yes

·         No

2.       If “No” can you please explain why?

[text box]

3.       Who will be paying for you to attend this event?

·         Self

·         Company

·         Sponsor

·         Others ___________

4.       What topics would you be interested in this event?

·         New products / services

·         Job opportunities

·         Business opportunities

·         Sales

·         Socialize

5.       Are there any questions which you would like to be addresses by the speaker at this event?

[text box]

6.       Have you attended similar event before?

·         Yes

·         No

7.       How would you most like to receive additional information regarding this event?

·         E-mail

·         Phone

·         Mail

·         Other ___________

8.       Any special notes for the host.

                [answer box here]