Periodic evaluation of the educational instructions improves students understanding of the course material. Our team with in collaboration with educational experts have developed this Instructor Evaluation Survey. Analysis of the responses will provide insights into areas which need improvement.


1.        How likely is that you would recommend your instructor to another student?

Not at all likely Extremely likely
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2.       How knowledgeable was your instructor?

·         Extremely knowledgeable

·         Very knowledgeable

·         Somewhat knowledgeable

·         Not so knowledgeable

·         Not at all knowledgeable

3.       How clearly did your instructor explain the course material?

·         Extremely clearly

·         Very clearly

·         Somewhat clearly

·         Not so clearly

·         Not at all clearly

4.       How concerned was your instructor that students were learning the material?

·         Extremely concerned

·         Very concerned

·         Somewhat concerned

·         Not so concerned

·         Not at all concerned

5.       How organized for class was your instructor?

·         Extremely organized

·         Very organized

·         Somewhat organized

·         Not so organized

·         Not at all organized

6.       How well did your instructor answer students’ questions?

·         Extremely well

·         Very well

·         Somewhat well

·         Not so well

·         Not at all well

7.       Was the speed with which your instructor presented the course material too fast, too slow , or about right?

·         Much too fast

·         Too fast

·         About right

·         Too slow

·         Much too slow

8.       How helpful were the homework assignment to your understanding of the material?

·         Extremely helpful

·         Very helpful

·         Somewhat helpful

·         Not so helpful

·         Not at all helpful

9.       How easy or difficult was it to get in contact with your instructor outside of class?

·         Extremely easy

·         Easy

·         Neither easy nor difficult

·         Difficult

·         Extremely difficult

·         Not applicable [I didn’t attempt to get in contact with this instructor outside of class.

10.    Any areas where your instructor did particularly well? Any areas of improvement for your instructor?

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